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4 Takeaways from Joe Rogan’s podcast with Gary Vaynerchuk

I recently listened to a Joe Rogan podcast with Gary Vaynerchuk and wanted to share what I’d learnt from it. If you don’t know either of these guys, Joe Rogan hosts his own podcast called the “Joe Rogan Experience”, he’s also a stand-up comedian, commentator and TV presenter – I remember first seeing Joe live in Dublin about 6 years ago.

Gary Vaynerchuk is someone who I’ve been following for a while. He’s a serial entrepreneur and public speaker, he’s got the energy of a 5 year old pumped up on 100 m&m’s with some serious business prowess to back it up. Gary has previously helped grow his fathers’ company “The Wine Library” from a $1 million company to $50 million. He’s now set up thriving media & investment companies and has now set his sights on buying the New York Jets – pretty ballsy to say the least.

Joe Rogan recently did a podcast with Gary that’s caused quite a stir. A lot of people found Gary’s appearance on the podcast a little too much, I did say his energy was ridiculously high. He responded to comments on YouTube with this:


Besides some of the hate Gary got, there was some key takeaways I learnt from the podcast. Here goes…

1. Instagram are fighting Snapchat, and succeeding 

Gary knows the creators of both of these companies. He claimed that Snapchat was on the verge of becoming the “monster” of the social media world, until Instagram fought back with the introduction of their own stories feature. This stopped the late adopters (40+ year olds) using Snapchat, which would have turned it into something even bigger than it is already. Gary claims that Instagram are innovating very fast and are constantly introducing new features. It’s going to be interesting to see how this battle plays out, but needless to say that as a musician, you need to be active on both of these channels. 

2. Facebook are now launching stories!

Facebook (who also own Instagram *suprise), have just taken a huge swipe at Snapchat with the introduction of their own “Stories” feature. It was launched in late January 2017 in Ireland on iOS devices and facebook are planning on bringing it to more countries in the coming months. It allows you to create a story that disappears after 24 hours (sounds original eh?). The battle against snapchat continues…


3. Gary believes ‘voice’ technology is the future…

Gary claims that the next big technological shift will be around voice technology. He says that we’re all “obsessed with time” and how we can save time and voice activation is going to be the new big jump in technology in the coming years. We all have Smartphones now, but what about when Smartshoes or Smartbelts hit the market? This is Gary’s prediction anyway.

4. The power of Nostalgia

The last takeaway isn’t related to social media or technology. The pair discuss the power of nostalgia and how things become so much easier to connect with when they can make you feel nostalgic. This is what a lot of big brands around the world try to do, it’s actually been coined “Nostalgia Marketing”. Check out this 90s inspired marketing campaign from Microsoft.

Nostaligia works amazingly well with millennial’s because a lot has changed within the past 20 years or so and helping people to re-live positive memories makes us feel good, which leaves us more open to emotional attachments.

It got me thinking that this is something you should be thinking about with your music, either with the sounds or branding. Can you think of any way you can do this? Perhaps it’s something as obvious as releasing a free edit of an old TV show theme tune or advert? Alternatively, you could incorporate elements of nostalgia into your logo and artwork designs. Some examples are below:

Artwork from Com Truise, who’s modelled his branding around Tom Cruise and Top Gun

Artwork from Lindsay Lowend – as you can see this is taking ideas from old 8-bit computer games we played when we were younger.

check out the whole podcast here on Youtube ….

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