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The Thursday Filter: 2nd March 2017

I want to introduce a new feature I’m going to be running each week, called “The Thursday Filter”. Each week I’ll be writing about the best things I’ve discovered – be it interviews, stories, tools, hacks, articles & more. 

I love reading and learning new things, so I’m hoping this weekly hit will be a good resource for you to keep checking and help you to progress in your musical career.

So, without further adieu, here’s a snapshot of things I’ve been reading this week:

1. What Makes a Great DJ (Attack Magazine)

There’s some great insights in here from Spencer Parker, Dave Clarke, Mosca & Serge. I’d recommend you check out their view on what makes a good DJ?[Read more…]

DJs should play what they fuck they love, or give the fuck up!Spencer Parker

2. How to make facebook and instagram ads that sell tickets

There’s some good tips in this blog post. The big takeway from me is that “learn more” is a stronger CTA (call to action) than “buy now”. This is because it involves less commitment from the visitor, so when you’re asking someone to buy one of your songs, maybe consider changing the CTA to “Listen Now”. The article also mentions that using video content in your ads makes them 50% more likely to convert, so make sure you’re all over video content! [Read more…]

3. Dubset annouces $4million funding!

Dubset are giving DJs and producers new ways of making money out of mixes and remixes and it’s already been backed by David Guetta, Afrojack and Tiesto. The company have created some software called MixBank, which works a little like Shazam to identify which tracks are included in a mix, it really cool.  This way the original copyright owners can get paid when their work is used, which means you get more money when DJs play your music. Find out more about Dubset and MixBank [Read more…]

4. Spotify Playlists are growing, and can make you a lot of £££

CD Baby recently shared the amount one of their artists (named Perrin Lamb) got from featuring on a Spotify playlist with 2 million followers. The answer was $56k! I found this figure really encouraging, it shows that there’s a lot of money to be made out of Spotify – make sure you’re music is available on the platform. [Read more…]

5. Spotify launch “artist pick” feature 

This is a new feature from Spotify that allows you to select 1 song at the top of your profile, it reminds me of when you could select a song to feature on your MySpace profiles. What’s interesting is that the song you select can be one of your own, or somebody else’s, giving DJs an opportunity to either promote their own music or cross-promote with other DJs (like how people share reposts on Soundcloud). [Read more…]

artist pick spotify

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