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Musical Habit Most musicians face challenges to make the most of their time on music, be it marketing, writing, production or mixing. By understanding how habits work, you can manufacture new ones to make you a more efficient, productive musician. How habits work In his book, Charles Duhigg defines habits as something that our subconscious […]

Instagram ‘bots’ for DJs What is an Instagram ‘bot’? Instagram for DJs can be a very powerful tool…. Instagram bots can make it even more powerful. The bots will automatically engage with other users by way of liking, following and commenting in the hope they will engage back with you. You can control ‘filters’ in […]

If you didn’t already know, “art is theft” (Pablo Picasso). All ideas are recycled from something else, nothing is truly original. Good artists understand that all creative work builds on what came before. Don’t be afraid to steal, it’s what the best artists do…”immature poets imitate, mature poets steal” (T.S Elliot). Good theft involves getting […]