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DJ Marketing

A DJs Guide to Snapchat

This is one of the topics I get asked about the most. How should I use Snapchat to help build my DJ profile? Well here’s my take on it…

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DJ Marketing

7 Ways a DJ can be more creative – steal like an artist

If you didn’t already know, “art is theft” (Pablo Picasso).

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DJ Marketing

How to finally find your perfect DJ or artist name?


I get a lot of people asking for my opinion of their DJ name. It’s something you can’t help but take time over, which unfortunately holds you back in getting our music out there.

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My mission in life is to help aspiring DJs and musicians make it in the business. I’ll nurture your brand and guide you through the maze of social media so you can build a career from playing the music you love.

So who am I to preach marketing advice to you? Why should you listen to me? Because I’ve been there myself. I’ve been the super-fan of the music, the vinyl collector, the guestlist blagger, the DJ botherer, the guy on the periphery who so wants to be on the other side of that DJ booth; but then suddenly it all happened for me – I became a DJ. I made it work through sheer hard work and learning how to PROMOTE myself and my brands.