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My First Ayahuasca Trip (in Ibiza) – The Alien MOT

Last weekend I did my first Ayahuasca ceremony. This is a blow-by-blow account of my experience …

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DJ Marketing

A DJ’s guide to Instagram

Instagram for DJs

Instagram can provide a real opportunity for DJs. Around the world, Instagram has over 400 million active users!

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DJ Marketing

A DJ’s guide to Facebook

Top tips for DJs on Facebook…

You may have heard the saying ‘content is king’. Social media is a space where you’re essentially fighting for real people’s attention, so making sure your content is better than anyone else’s is crucial. You simply won’t be able to make it as a DJ without good content.

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Get more plays on Mixcloud with Twitter

How Twitter Can Drive Your Mixcloud Plays…

Twitter is used by over 310 million active users worldwide, so if you’re pushing your mixes on Mixcloud it figures you’re going to get more plays if you know how to play Twitter…. right? Although Twitter might not automatically be the first place you think of when it comes to promoting your mixes, something with such a big audience quite simply cannot be ignored if you really want to maximise your plays.

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So who am I to preach marketing advice to you? Why should you listen to me? Because I’ve been there myself. I’ve been the super-fan of the music, the vinyl collector, the guestlist blagger, the DJ botherer, the guy on the periphery who so wants to be on the other side of that DJ booth; but then suddenly it all happened for me – I became a DJ. I made it work through sheer hard work and learning how to PROMOTE myself and my brands.