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A DJs Guide to Snapchat

This is one of the topics I get asked about the most. How should I use Snapchat to help build my DJ profile? Well here’s my take on it…

Snapchat is the fastest growing social media network in the world. Here’s some stats about Snapchat:

  • 350 million monthly active users
  • 180 million daily active users
  • 14 billion daily video views
  • 28 minutes average user time each day on snapchat
  • 60%+ of people in the US aged between 16-34 have snapchat
  • It would take you 10 years to view all the photos and videos shared on Snapchat within the last hour

These stats are pretty crazy.

Why Snapchat works?

Snapchat gives you the ultimate opportunity to connect with people constantly. It allows users to give a raw, honest look into a person’s experiences, giving fans a chance to connect with your life ‘in the moment’.

This is a great way of managing and nurturing fans, like I mention in my earlier chapter – giving people an insight to your life as a DJ, sharing your day-to-day with followers.

Why DJs are using Snapchat?

Firstly, it’s pretty clear that Snapchat represents a very interesting marketing opportunity. But why do DJs use Snapchat over other social media networks?

Well, snapchat doesn’t really allow for comments or feedback from other users, this means you don’t get feedback from people. But, Dillon Francis likes this aspect of the app, he describes Snapchat as “a safe haven”, he says “the internet, it’s a cool place, but holy shit, it feels like there’s 60% hate out there”. With Snapchat on the other hand “no one can have an angry argument about it, it’s just there.”

Alesso agrees, “Everyone who posts work online, they get so criticised, it’s crazy. On any Instagram or YouTube video, there’s more hate than positive feedback. That’s why I like Snapchat – you don’t get judged.”


Ideas on how to use Snapchat…

The approach to snapchat is to share as much of your journey as possible. People will want to see you being active, that’s why I’m not going to give you many guidelines to follow – because snapchat is an insight into your life. Some examples of videos of you:

  • Playing with new sounds in your DAW
  • Sessions you’re in with other people
  • Travel vids to gigs / sessions / meetings
  • Performance videos
  • Photos of you backstage, before or after you play

The native content principals I mention in the earlier facebook chapter apply to Snapchat. To see how the others are doing it, follow this guide from, who have compiled a list of DJs already on Snapchat.

What are Snapchat Takeovers?

A Snapchat takeover is where you get the chance to control another snapchat account for a limited period of time (usually less than 24 hours).

Snapchat takeovers are a great way of reaching new audiences, as you’ll be reaching out to people from a completely new account – and showing them why they should continue following your journey.

When you start playing shows, try and arrange a snapchat takeover with the event or venue and start sharing your story for that day.

They work because they’re authentic – so when doing a takeover, make sure you’re just that.

Case Study: DJ Khaled – the King of Snapchat

The BBC recently wrote an article hailing DJ Khaled as a ‘snapchat superstar’ – everyone from Puff Daddy to Jay Z have backed him as not just a DJ, but a motivational speaker on Snapchat.

DJ Khaled now has a bigger millennial audience than the Big Bang theory, America’s #1 TV show!

Khaled is now the blueprint of proving that Snapchat can make your career, he’s probably better known for his Snapchat personality over his music now. Every day he films a combination of inspirational talk, adventures and the day-to-day tasks in life – it’s this that shows people he’s human after all, which makes that connection so much easier.

He even recently snapchatted the birth of his own son!



I hope this has given you some valuable info on how to help build your DJ profile using Snapchat. If you have any questions, please leave a message below.

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